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No matter how successful you used to reach your audience offline one day, Now you need to master how to get your work done remotely through different online channels with the right techniques and strategies.

Around 63% of people choose a doctor over another according to their online presence and that’s very reasonable with more people moving online every day and especially with Coronavirus global pandemic.

Enhancing your online presence can be done by reflecting the actual good reputation and referrals from offline to online by building a strong online presence for social media platforms and website as well and connect them effectively.


    80% of adult internet users search online for health information.


    47% search online for information about doctors kfdnghfg ksdlnhbdkj


    63% choose one healthcare provider over another because of a strong online presence

    Globally, four out of five (80%) adult internet users (8 million in Egypt) use the internet to make healthcare-related search, this means by enhancing your website SEO the chance to be organically found will be big, Plus reaching them through paid ads on social media as we have around 40 million internet users in Egypt. Spreading awareness online can be magic here as more than half of people who do a health-related search are doing it for someone else
    Through the global Corona pandemic, this is the right time to have your virtual clinic as 47% adult internet users (8 million in Egypt) are looking online for information about doctors or other health professionals
    We can provide you a full virtual clinic with a friendly user experience to make online sessions and make appointments through the website, also connecting your social media presence to the website for instant replies to existing patients or potential ones as well.

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