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Ahmad Abu Samra

The employees’ role model who believes that investing in the human element is the major key to build an extraordinary team.
He is not only a great manager he is the perfect integration between a manager and a leader who treats employees like they make a difference and they really do.
“Employees are our assets” his saying and his attitude.

Admin Manager

Marwa Kamal

We don’t have a traditional HR. manager; we have a Happiness Minister! She is our lawyer, friend, Support, and trustworthiness. Since she knows that communication is the key, she has an impressive skill in reading people and how to deal exactly with different character types.

Senior Account Manager

Mustafa Al Nafrawy

When a job is instantly done, Mustafa is here he is a diligent employee who never give up.
He is always focusing on the bright side in everything and has a remarkable effect in people’s lives.
“Account manager is the tittle. A never say die is the attitude.”

Senior Account Manager

Mourad Ahmed

A perfect account manager with a solid designing background and production expert. The best mix that integrity earns. He is the social inelegance expert; he knows what to say and when to say it.
“All in one Mourad is the one”

Account Manager

Nahla Al Nozahy

Account manager as it should be in dealing with clients and her colleagues. She spreads joy and can’t stand five minutes of silence.
We call Nahla “the client’s best friend” therefore the strong relations that maintain. Also, she has a special persuasive way that will convince you.
“Social Intelligence is her thing”

Accounting Manager

Ahmed Mosaad

One of the most important and responsible members in our integrated team, he is always here for everyone. Just a caring accountant.
“The breakfast specialist”

Production Manager

Rabea Ahmed

Integrity’s grandfather
Regarding the age he is the elder but when it comes to sprit, he is the funniest, if we lost any of our things, we are reassured, it’s with him.
“Production for him is a piece of cake “

Graphic Designer

Merihan El Nagar

At first sight, she seems to be cute with “Baskota” attitude but actually, she has a dangerously creative and productive attitude. Merihan can draw, design and do graffiti, she is a full sac of art always having another idea another direction, simply she has a unique point of view.
“Astonishing Artistic Marihano”

Graphic Designer

Gehad Mohsen

She has a creative solution for every problem.
She is the best integration between creativity, hard and smart working. She is very responsible with “Over my dead body” attitude.
“Go Gogo GO”

Web Developer

Ezzat Malak

A web developer with a “tom and jerry spirit”
Just call for website development and rest assured. He is diligent and will support you with all the solutions needed to accomplish the mission. Let’s don’t forget his classy music taste.
“Yet a fast and clever web developer”

Graphic Designer

Moaz Hamdy

The black box of the graphic design
He has a solution for the problems that no one can do it, his social personality makes him unique. He doesn’t panic even when deadlines kill account manager, but he delivers on time with a sense of humor.
“Quietly, surprisingly creative Moaz”

Production Specialist

Tamer AbdAllah

The humble meaning of person, quietly respectively everything done, no problem can stop him from doing his job with perfection manner.

Adminstrative Specialist

Aley Adam

Our Nigerian ambassador who has a civilized personality with a unique and elegant style in dealing with every detail. If it is related to technology, then Ali is here he can fix anything either it is software or hardware.
“VIVA our favorite brother”

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