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Integrity Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt

Welcome to Integrity, The integrated advertising & digital marketing agency in Egypt … where the true value belongs as one of distinguished advertising agencies in Egypt for ten years now!

A new knowledge era begins to emerge

As we run through speedy changing trends and technologies, it is becoming clear that knowledge era has forced it self on our lives and all our actions and decisions.. and the only way to survive and win in every business situation will be through knowing and researching more for trends, behaviors, and phenomenal changes that affect our societies & surrounding business environment, as we live in the knowledge era marketing and strategic business research and analysis is becoming more and more critical and yet essential.

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An Integrated marketing for Kilim Rugs (Sedra Hand Crafts)

Integrity has created an integrated marketing campaign for the authentic Egyptian hand crafted bedouin rugs (Kilim), starting from logo & identity design and going through the online and offline marketing activities.

Thanks To Digital Marketing, Everything is reachable

Integrity implanted a creative digital marketing campaign for the beautiful cold-pressed fresh beverages, Talia. Starting from branding, social media marketing, and launching an elegant website, Integrity succeeds in achieving Talia’s digital marketing goals.

Beyoot Interiors New Identity

Beyoot Interior new logo & identity design and online presence through state of art dynamic website design, backed up with strategic content copy writing & social media management.

Vaccination Saves Lives

“Vaccination Saves Lives” is our newest project with WHO regional office, a beautiful hand-drawn animated info-graphic video, a perfectly effective message delivery by Integrity creative team.
This piece of art had made specially to be shown in the sixty-sixth session of the WHO Regional Committee October 2019 for the Eastern Mediterranean.
It is always a pleasure to support WHO in such valuable, creative and challenging projects which have a tangible impact on people’s lives, by spreading awareness that in the Eastern Mediterrane region vaccination has protected hundreds of millions of children from diseases and saved millions of lives.

World Hepatitis Day 2018

A unique creative campaign to promote the WHO EMRO World Hepatitis Day 2018 with a series of regional events with creative communication tools developed by WHO and Integrity

WHO PHCMI Info-Graphics Video

An Info-Graphic animated video as a part of the unique creative campaign to promote the WHO EMRO Primary Health Care Measurement and Improvement initiative in a series of regional events with a creative visual identity & comprehensive communication tools developed by WHO and Integrity

Konsulto App. Info-Graphics Video

Promoting a complex mobile app. health care service provider in a comprehensive Info-Graphics video in an informative yet appealing scenario and graphics.. we are honored to work with Konsulto the healthcare mobile platform that provides tailored, step-by-step, health habit guidance programs, and much more..

Al Akkeel Restaurant Identity

Creative contemporary state of art restaurant identity with unique shapes & strong colors, packaging & wrapping solution (Design & Production by Integrity)

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