Digital Marketing .. A Dream Comes True!

Are you ready for Digital Marketing?

A lot of wonder, what are the best digital marketing strategies that we may follow to reach more clients and have more leads, but few actually ask themselves the right questions about their company’s role in this digital marketing strategy and process… to be more clear let me ask you one question: Is your company ready to play its role in the digital marketing process?

For sure, before answering this question you have to know what we mean by company’s role in digital marketing, and to simplify this we will mention 7 points that your company has to realize in order to be ready for the digital marketing world:

Important 7 points in the digital marketing process:

  1. Do you know your customers; do you have a clear answer for who are your customers?
  2. Do you know the tone of voice that suits your target audience and represents your brand proposition?
  3. What are the pain points of your customers, or in another way what problems do you cover in your company’s offers? (I prefer the pain points your customers have because it puts you in a close position near your customers).
  4. Create a persona for each message, offer, and campaign you release.
  5. Define the best channels that suit your clients (for sure the digital marketing experts will have a strong part in this point, but if you have a deep understanding of your customers and your offering you will be the best one that defines the marketing channel that is best for your clients).
  6. Prepare a specific action you want your customers to take, as you may reach the right customer and ask for the wrong action or even the worst is not to ask for any action!!
  7. Do you have enough infrastructure needed to build your digital marketing platforms? (The required infrastructure may defer from a company to another… but mainly we are talking about business objectives, marketing objectives, company mission, clear business portfolio… Ext).Digital marketing channels Finally, are you ready for marketing automation? This is the dream that comes true for your company marketing team and your digital marketing agency, you will be able to find and trace your customers easily on the world wide web as if you have the magic stick that traces your customers’ moves!!


Digital Marketing a Dream Comes True… Are You Ready?

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