Cinnabon takes the digital marketing leap

Integrity Corporation is not just an agency for just advertising & marketing consultancy but it is your partner to success. Based on Oprah Winfrey’s vibe “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”-  We prepared our self to achieve our success not only inside Egypt but also outside it.

Our challenge is building a ladder to our clients to achieve their targets, put them on the right trach and help them to run faster than their competitors to gain more profits with high rate of sale.

One of our partners in Turkey was CINNABON, however it opened many branches in Turkey, but it faced a problem in marketing where Turkey have many famous cafés which attract customers from different nationalities, so it was a new challenge for both of us to design a marketing plan to overcome this obstacles. advertising agencies in Egypt

First, we set a multiple meeting with the stuff to determine the points of strength and weakness, what are the main sources of shortage? What are the ads of other competitors, finally we decided to focus on digital marketing to change the perspective of the customer towards CINNABON, and we modify our target to deal with the right audiences.

After long efforts of analyzing customer responses and study each segments in details, we succeeded to increase the sales rate by 70% by using digital marketing activities, and that leads to sales booming.

We succeeded to put CINNABON on track, we continued following up to ensure the stability of marketing for it.