What Should Be The Criteria To Evaluate A Digital Marketing Campaign?

5 Steps To Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Steps To Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Campaign

There is a unique marketing strategy for every business, and for every marketing strategy, there should be an evaluation. As a business owner, you are not expected to throw money on a digital marketing strategy that is not performing well anyways.

Some business owners think that adopting a digital marketing strategy will be like spelling a magic spell on their business, and they might also expect that digital marketing is a magic tonic with an immediate effect that just continues.

And when they fail, they think that it’s because they were using standards designed for traditional marketing, however, this is not the truth at all.

Yes, using traditional marketing methods could be a common mistake, but it is only among many other reasons behind the failure of your marketing campaign.

Because your presence on different digital marketing properties matters more than ever, it’s a good idea to take time out of your schedule to regularly evaluate how well your strategy is performing.

In this blog, we will discuss how important it is to evaluate your digital marketing campaign, and the 5 main steps that you should follow to evaluate your digital marketing strategy. 


Step #1: Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Goals 

Evaluate Digital Marketing Goals 

The first step in any good digital marketing strategy evaluation, that will lead to a good digital marketing campaign, is a thorough examination of the goals of your marketing that you’ve set for yourself in the past.

These digital marketing goals may include items such as:

  • How many social shares did your blog post receive? 
  • How big is the size of your fanbase on social networking websites? 
  • How many times has your brand name mentioned on social media websites? 
  • What is the number of positive reviews left about your company on sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, or Glassdoor?  
  • How many inbound website visitors from social networks?
  • What is the total number of conversions resulting from social traffic?

If you have previously set up your digital marketing goals, it is now the time to take a look again at them and determine whether they are hitting your target of the digital marketing campaign or not.

Revise your goals to accommodate new objectives or to account for changes in product/service offerings.

Step #2 Re-evaluate Your Targeted Customers 

Determining the target market for your small business - Company Bug

Any good and well-constructed digital marketing strategy is based on customers’ profiles or as it is called in the digital marketing field “ Customer Persona”, however, as goals are changed so do people!

So, before launching your digital marketing campaign you need to continually develop your customers profile based on your newest data that you have in your hands, from your target customer’s demographics, interests, and web activities.

Step #3 Your Digital Presence is Essential 

After examining your targeted customer’s profile, you need to assess whether or not you’re actively participating in the right digital properties.

For example, if you are targeting a specific group of people from the age 18-26, and you start your digital marketing campaign before specific social network trends or highlights, you could be missing out on a potentially tremendous source of traffic if you never took the time to determine whether or not you’re active on the right sites!

Step #4 Evaluate your messaging strategies

As a part of your digital marketing campaigns, you have to release specific messages that are related to your brand, but as an evaluation of your digital marketing campaign, you need to take a look at the specific types of messages you’re releasing.

The following points should be the points that you take care of while evaluating your messages: 

  • Which types of these messages are performing best with your audience?
  • Is the content you are choosing for every piece of message is relatable to your audience? 
  • How frequently are your marketing materials being shared virally amongst users?

If what you are sharing and releasing is getting high engagement with your audience then you have a great message and content, if not you need to rethink the message behind your brand.

Step #5: Keep An Eye On Your Digital Marketing ROI.


At last but not at least, the last thing that you will need and want to evaluate when it comes to assessing your digital marketing campaigns, is your overall ROI.

Yes, we know how difficult and overwhelming it could be when it comes to calculating your exact return, but you’ll ultimately find that the data you’re able to produce is well worth your efforts.

However, when it comes to measuring your ROI (Return Of Investment) there are two different variables that you need to track:

  • The amount you’ve invested into your digital marketing campaigns. 
  • The financial benefit of any conversions you’re tracking.

No matter how far you seek to expand your business, you’ll want to test your audience, your ROI, your branding messages,  and never make assumptions about how people will receive your campaign.

And always remember: There’s something to learn from both successes and failures that can help your digital marketing strategies evolve.

How often do you evaluate your company’s digital marketing strategy? If you have any tips on assessing your current campaign performance, share them with us, and if you are seeking any free consult don’t hesitate to contact us


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