Hiring Social Media Agency VS Hiring an In-house Social Media Team

social media agency hiring

Social media has become an essential component of any business’s marketing strategy in today’s complex world. One of the most important decisions a company must make is to think carefully about hiring a social media team or social media agency and determine which is better for you.

Building an in-house social media team looks like a bright idea for some businesses as you may want to gain more control over your social media tasks and tailor it to the needs of your business… But is this your most important priority now?

A social media agency, on the other hand, may seem the way to go if you want more expertise and support. They can offer a broader range of services and tools and have worked with a variety of clients… but is this true for all kinds and scales of businesses?

Whatever option you select, it is critical to weigh the pros and cons of each and determine which one best aligns with your goals and resources.

Pros of working with a social media agency:

1) They will have the most advanced tools that can make all the difference in growing and monetizing your audience.
2) Your reporting and analytics will be at a higher level due to the agency’s experience in social data analysis and formalized reporting process.
3) They will offer a more comprehensive cross-channel experience across platforms.  They all differ in terms of content and advertising, and many social media marketing agencies have teams with specific skill sets on them.
4) They have a variety of experts in the team that are difficult to hire in-house.

Cons of working with a social media agency:

1) There are often a lot of things that happen inside the doors of your office that they may miss or aren’t able to take advantage of. This is usually more relevant for B2B businesses that use social media for recruitment and credibility and not as relevant for B2C businesses that use it to connect with consumers.
2) Social media agency costs can be higher, and you may feel you can have an in-house team member do parts of this role part-time while also fulfilling other roles in your organization.
3) You will have to develop a good process for content approvals to be sure you have quality control and all things are on brand.
4) Outsourcing social media management to a third-party team can mean losing some control over your brand’s online presence (unless the agency is really good).

The pros of hiring an in-house social media team include:

1) Having control over your social media marketing from A to Z.
2) Hire only the most important talents for the current phase and current objectives (cost efficiency in some cases).
3) Better communication between your company departments and social media and marketing departments.

Cons of Hiring a In-house Social Media Team:

1) Hiring an in-house social media team is over time more costly, particularly for small businesses and startups (as you spend more money on non core business activities).
2) If you do not select the right talents and team for your brand, their messaging and strategy may not align with your goals and values, which may harm your brand’s image.

To recap the whole comparison, you should focus on your decision well in and decide which is better for your company, brand, or needs… Then evaluate what are the services you need and this can help you to pick what is the best option for you, whether you choose to hire social media agency or build your own in-house team we urge you to take time to do your research for different companies and talents to have the full information you may need to reach your specific communication and business objectives.

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