Mockler And An Unfamiliar Success Story

Success Story, Colman Mockler

Imagine being the CEO of one of the most well-known organizations, and you have to make the call either by buying your firm to your competitor or by sticking to what is in your mind and making an unbelievable success.

As hard as it may sound, Colman M. Mockler Success Story succeeds in making the right call at the right time. 

Colman M. Mockler, the chairman of Gillette, made one of the toughest decisions in the history of his company, a decision that made him “Colman M. Mockler” the man we knew today, Colman Mockler is considered today as the model of an effective CEO. 

Also, his decision made Gillette Co. the brand that we all know today, Although Gillette was 75 years old Colman took the company to new heights of success. Under his management, they came to dominate the market.

How did he do that?Success Story  How did his management make such a huge impact and success in the market?  

In this article, we will discuss how did Coleman do it, and how he was thinking, and what strategy he sticks to that made such a huge impact. keep on reading to know more about it.  

Who is Mockler?  and what is his Success Story?

Colman M. Mockler Jr., the chairman of Gillette Co.who helped the company tighten its grip on the world shaving products market. 

During his tenure as chairman, from 1976 till 1991, Mockler helped guide Gillette through two takeover battles and oversaw a major restructuring.

He didn’t fall for the stakeholders pressuring, and he didn’t agree on buying his company just because it is facing a hard time. 

Mockler firstly joined Gillette in 1957 as a staff assistant, and after 2 years He became Gillette’s treasurer in 1965, moved up to vice president in 1967, then senior vice president, executive vice president, vice chairman of the board, and, in 1974, president. He was promoted to a chief executive officer the next year and chairman in 1976. 

Coleman made a huge impact while being in charge of Gillette, that Forbes magazine had just put him on the cover of their next issue celebrating his leadership and success.

What did he do? 

As we mentioned above, Mockler managed to successfully resist an attempt, even when Ronald Perelman tried to buy Gillette back in time. 

Mockler had a vision back then, even people thought that he was weak and should have agreed on Perelman’s conditions. 

However, Mockler refused to do so and was relying on 2 factors that helped him to bring a steadying financial hand to Gillette

First, he used new technology in the world of razors which is Sensor and Mach 3, those two lines without them people would have been suffering from normal razors and not having a safe process of shaving.

Secondly, the new technology of Sensor and Mach 3 promised significant future profits. 

How did he do it? 

According to Jim Collins the author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t if you want your business to be successful and If you want to make a great impact in your field of expertise, use the hedgehog concept

To have a fully developed hedgehogs concept you need all three circles. 

Those three circles are: 

Understanding what you are truly passionate about.

Identifying what you can be best at, and better than anyone else.

Determining where it’s good at generating revenue.

It’s just that sometimes if we’re not careful we can end up spending most of the moments of most of our days passing chances by, just because we are not fully aware of what we can do. 

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