For Coffee plaza

We’ve witnessed the emerge of Coffee Plaza as an idea, going through the journey beginning with creating the logo, social media platforms, positioning statement, and slogans.

Crafting the most amazing masterpieces of designs that is driving the interest of the customers to be visually stimulated to have a trust in the new emerging brand.
Coffee plaza now has its apparent visual identity and their unique online presence on social media or website designs apart from the competitors.

Integrity as well helped the Initiating the Coffee Plaza company’s E-commerce website as one of our multiple projects as a proficient of building & creating E-commerce websites.
To be convenient, User-friendly, and aspire to satisfy the customers needs, Just to be able to achieve the slogan of Coffee Plaza “ Having the ultimate coffee experience”

Managing as well social media platforms of Coffee Plaza, communicating & building a fanbase that is loyal to the brand, which reflects the numbers on company’s various platforms.
And with the conviction that only with hard work from everyone is possible to achieve an outrageous outcome at the end.

We worked through out nearly a year with tons of designs, creative ideas, and thousands of interactions with happy customers.
Coffee Plaza is now one of the biggest coffee shopping websites in Egypt, gladly as partner with Integrity Corporation with the hope of continuous growth & achievements.