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Integrity corporation has proudly worked with dozens of clients on social media projects,what differs us the success stories and trust behind every journey
We provide all social media service

Social media strategies, Content creation, Brand image & visual designs, Conducting successful advertising campaigns, Acquiring fan base, and much more
Check out more of our work with previous clients and explore in details what are Integrity corporation social media services

Coffee Plaza

Helping of the growth of various social media platforms of the raising E-commerce website.
Generating a fanbase to the company’s different social media channels.
With the extraordinary post designs to satisfy the needs of visualizing thousands of products on the company’s shop.

ElMerghany Hospital

Introducing ElMerghany Hospital to the digital media platforms by helping to build their online presence on social media.
Starting SMART campaigns to acquire new prospectives as hiring new doctors, clinics rental, and much more…
Creating monthly content plans to cover all the aspects of the hospital with direct content, post templates, and creative ideas.

Queen Egypt

Representing Queen Egypt household manufacturer with tons of creative ideas of content creation to simulate their creative products.
Driving sales through content creation on social media to guide the audience to buy from the different e-commerce websites.
Visualizing their vision to position themselves as on of the biggest household supplier all over the country by creative & direct visual designs.

Social Media all about

Because social media platforms have taken over as the biggest means of communicating with and reaching out to customers, and you’re missing out on a lot if you’re not using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to communicate with your customers. Let’s take a look what we can do

Social media Strategies

Choosing the most efficient Social Media strategy that suits the current situation from the perspective of more than 12+ years of experience, A strategy is a list of all the things you want to do and achieve on social media. 
It drives our actions towards the common objectives that our clients wants to reach out successfully.

Branding and brand identity

Developing a unique brand identity, it’s more than just a logo or a slogan it’s more about what are your company’s values, how do you communicate your products? and how do you want people to feel when they connect with it?
In essence, your brand identity is your company’s personality.

Social media analytics

Having the ability to gather and analyze data from social media platforms to support business decisions, as well as measure the effectiveness of actions taken as a result of those decisions.Social media analytics helps advertising campaigns through providing the information to quantify the return on investment (ROI) of a campaign based on the audience received from various social media platforms.

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