What Graphic Design Is? 

Graphic Design


“Good design’s not about what medium you’re working in. It’s about thinking hard about what you want to do and what you have to work with before you start.” 


– Susan Kare


Graphic designing  is not a modern craft, it has been around since the early ages. 

However, the effect of graphic designing nowadays is completely recognizable and has a great effect, especially in the digital marketing field. 


So, if you are interested in knowing how much graphic design can affect your next campaign, and what graphic designing is, keep on reading as we will discuss those points and more in this blog. 


What Is Graphic Design? 

As we mentioned above, graphic design is a craft, not a modern one, it is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. 

Designers can use page layouts, typography, and pictures just to optimize the user experience.


History Of Graphic Designing


Graphic designing is a very old craft, it goes back to past Egyptian hieroglyphs to at least 17,000-year-old cave paintings. Graphic design is more than just the logo creation concept, it uses the sense of aesthetic appeal and marketing, as it uses layout and pictures to attract eyesight. 


Graphic Designing And Social Media 

Nowadays, there is a  symbiotic relationship between graphic design and social media. As social media is considered to be an opportunity or a challenge for graphic designers. 


Even though social media is possibly even an intimidating problem to be overcome, it is the main core of the success of a graphic designer and his designs. The importance of social media for graphic designing can’t be ignored. 


If you manage to balance the relationship between good graphic design and social media marketing, you will be able to enhance your creative work as well as your success as a practical businessperson.


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How Can Graphic Design Help Your Social Media Marketing

As we all know, there is no social media marketing or even digital marketing strategy that is done without a good graphic design. 


Graphic design can help in boosting your posts on social media and hence increase your sales and increase engagement as well as reach to all of your potential customers. 


Great design can be considered a great help for your social media engagement, as you can use your graphic design skills to send engagement on any social media platform through the roof.


As a business owner or graphic designer, if you are looking for an instant result, social media is a real-time, instant access place, which means that first impressions are incredibly important.

So, Profiles, cover images, avatars, and icons are often the only thing people see about you before they keep scrolling. Graphic design sets your profile and brand apart in a sea of competition, especially on huge platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


As social media is changing, so is graphic design. As social media users are changing their demands as they are looking for attractive, and interactive content, graphic designers will play an important role on the various social media platforms. 


The bottom line is that as a graphic designer your skills are in demand in the kingdom of social media, and even in strict graphic design roles, you’ll need to have experience in social media, and that is what graphic design is all about. 


Graphic Design And Digital Marketing


If the picture is a thousand words, then how many impressions, engagements, and conversions is your marketing design worth? 


What graphic design is all about in a matter of seconds, you can leave a lasting impression on a potential customer, whether that’s a good or bad impression. 


As a business owner, Ideally, you want to make a good impression so that people stick around and learn more about your business, but before diving into more details, let’s first identify What Does Marketing Design means? 


What Is Marketing Design? 


Marketing graphic design is the communication and the promotion of a brand’s products or services in a visually appealing way.


Simply, through marketing design, you can create interest in your brand or make people lose interest in it. And that what makes marketing design is with a vital role as design helps you visually communicate your brand. 


Despite this connection between graphic design and marketing, however, in some companies, there is still a disconnect between the two of them, that is why you need to know exactly what graphic design is. 


Before establishing a marketing strategy, it is essential to start with what is basics, and having brand guidelines. 


These brand guidelines represent the baseline for every marketing material that the design team will be creating, and without those guidelines, your team will never know what graphic design is, and it’s going to be hard for your company to communicate consistently. 


At the same time, outstanding design marketing is more than just a company logo, font, page layout, or images you use. That’s why smart marketing needs to be combined with great design.  


How Graphic Designing Is Important To Marketing? 


Benefits of Great Marketing Graphic Design  


1- Increases conversions. 


This is one of the most famous benefits of marketing graphic design, as creating Beautiful marketing design has the potential of motivating people to take action by providing a clear, easy path to conversion. 


2- Building Trust.


Original and great designing can help people to overcome their fear of conversion and encourage them to take the step of buying your products and service,  it helps if you showcase them in context. 


What Are The Qualifications of A Good Graphic Designing?  


Make A Full Use Of CONTRAST


Capturing someone’s interest is more important than catching their attention. Contrast has the ability and the power of making your designs stand out, especially when you communicate online.  


To create contrast in your design, you can make use of size, color, alignment, repetition, proximity, whitespace, and texture.


Limit The Number Of Fonts You Use


While creating your design you might be tempted to use as many of them as you can in your designs, which is not necessarily the best thing to do. 


Play with different font sizes


Instead of using more than font, you can play with the sizes of the fonts, you can still create distinct effects by playing with the font size. 


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