What Are The Most Useful Advertising Advantages For Your Business?

Advertising advantages

What Is Advertising? 

According to the definition of advertising in the digital marketing world,  is a means of communication with the users of a product or service from the brand or the business owner.

That simply means that types of advertising are considered mediums to convey a message from the brand to the customers.

Advertising is always around you, it is like graphic design, it is always there, it is always present, even though people may not be fully aware of it.

The presence of advertising is strong nowadays because advertising uses every possible media to get its message through it.

You can now advertise through different mediums and that includes television, print (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc), radio, press, internet, direct selling, hoardings, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, clothes, events, colors, sounds, visuals, and even people.

Now, after taking a glimpse of the meaning of advertising, you may ask yourself, why is advertising good and important for me as a business owner or for my brand? And What are the advertising advantages for your business?

In this blog we will take a closer look at the advertising advantages for your brand and your business, as well as, we will discuss and compare between advertising and marketing, and we will not forget to mention the different types of advertising and the advantages of each of those types for your brand.

If you are interested in knowing more about digital advertising and digital marketing keep on reading this blog to know more about advertising advantages.

Advertising Vs Marketing 

To most people, there are no differences between advertising and marketing, however, even though they share a common objective, and that is to make customers aware of the product or the brand. It is still a necessity to discuss the difference between advertising and marketing. 

Advertising Vs Marketing

What Is Marketing?

To simply explain what is marketing and what are the stages of marketing here you go:

The process of collecting data about a specific segment of the audience, to reach them and convey this message through specific kinds of words (Copywriting), and designed visuals ( Graphic designing) is considered as MARKETING.

What Is Advertising?

On the other side, Advertising is the process of making a product or service known to an audience. It involves the development of messages that present products, services, ideas, and brands to the world.

To make your advertising campaign a hit, you have to make sure to use a mix of media to generate excitement, billboards, TV, radio, or social media, a mix of all of that will make your advertising reach your targeted people, and that is one of the advertising advantages.

So, What Are the Similarities Between Marketing and Advertising?

After simply putting out the definition and the process of both advertising and marketing, you can safely say that advertising is actually a component of marketing.

If marketing refers to preparing a product for the marketplace, then advertising is making your product and service known to people within that marketplace, and some people may consider that is one of the advertising advantages, however in this blog we will discuss 3 of the main advertising advantages that you could use for your business.

In conclusion, advertising is a step in the marketing process. 

 3 Advertising Advantages 

(1) Introducing a New Product in the Market

One of the main and common advertising advantages is introducing a new product from your brand to the market, and here is how.

Advertising plays a significant role in the introduction of a new product in the market, make it expand in the market, and increase sales, through simulating people to purchase the product. 

(2) Defends You In Any Competition

The second main advertising advantage it will help you in any competition in the market. through continuous Advertising, you can defend your brand and product in the forces of competition prevalent in the market. 

(3) Better Quality Products:

Different goods are advertised under different brand names. A branded product assures a standard quality to the consumers. 

Types Of Advertising 

After discussing some of the advertising advantages, we will now discuss the types of advertising that can be used to benefit and advertise your business.

Whether the purpose of your advertising is attracting new customers or encouraging old ones to purchase your products, there are many options of advertising that you can use to do so.


Through Newspaper advertising, you can promote your business to a wide range of customers.


If your target audience listen to you a particular radio station or a particular program on that station, advertising through radio can be a very effective way to reach your target audiences. 


Television advertisements have the advantage of sight, sound, movement, and color to persuade a customer to buy from you, Television has an extensive reach.


Using online advertising is one of the cost-effective ways of advertising and marketing. 

Through online marketing, you can reach a global audience with the minimum cost ever. And also, many customers research businesses online before deciding whom to buy from.

Choosing the suitable advertising way can be a little overwhelming, however, the suitable advertising option depends mainly on your business type, your target audience, and what is the most cost-effective way to reach as many of them as possible, as many times as possible. 

Choosing a specific advertising option should also reflect the right environment for your product or service. Know your target audience well and you will choose the most suitable medium where you can advertise your product or new service. 

Disadvantages Of Advertising

On the other hand, even that advertising is viewed as the life-blood of modern business and digital marketing, there are some critics that think that advertising is just a waste of money, and here is a list of disadvantages of advertising according to some scholars. 

(1) Increases The Costs 

If you think about advertising, you have to have a large budget, also, spending a large amount of money means that the cost of the products will increase. 

(2) Confuses the Buyers:

As dreamy as advertising may sound, it still may be a little be over, as many times buyers will be confused between the advertising quality of the product and the reality, and they might feel cheated and that could hurt your brand more than benefiting it. 

(3) Some Advertisement is in Bad Taste:

Many times, using a specific language and objectionable pictures are used in advertising in order to attract a particular class. They may be insulting to a particular class. It causes the decay of social values.

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