6 Types That You Didn’t Know Are In The Graphic Design Field

Graphic Design field

Although that most people are completely confident in their definition of graphic design field, they still quite miss out on a lot of aspects of graphic design, as they enclose graphic designers into a very narrow scope simply because they have a limited idea of what designers actually do.

Yes designers do create logos for businesses, and yes they edit images in photoshop, as well as designing graphics for digital marketing and digital advertising, but all of these are only elements of a larger picture. 

In this blog, we will go deeper know more about graphic design, after discussing the principles of graphic design in a previous blog, in this blog we will talk about the fields and the types of graphic design, and if graphic design is a growing field or not?  

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Graphic Design Is More Than Just A LOGO. 

As a graphic designer or someone who is a creative individual and love and enjoy drawing and putting your artistic abilities into some kind of work in the graphic design field, you may ask yourself the following question, “Is Graphic Design A Growing Field?”. 

As much as this is a simple question and an interesting one, but one that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. 

The graphic design field is involved in so many industries and by so many different types of artists and creative professionals. 

The growth of the graphic design field, as well as the rate at which it’s growing, has a lot to do with the career and the job.

Is Graphic Design A Growing Field? 

As we mentioned above, The potential job growth for graphic designers varies by many things but mostly by the industry in which the graphic designer works, and that is according to BLS ( Bureau of Labor Statistics).

However, the graphic design field and graphic designers will always be in demand, in some form or another in the digital market. 

According to the latest statistics, job growth for graphic designers overall is expected to grow 3 % during the 2018-2028 decade, which is much slower than other occupations. Whether you decided to be a freelance graphic designer or an in-house marketing designer, The best opportunities typically come to graphic designers who keep up with the latest technology and software.

What Do Graphic Designers- ACTUALLY- Do? 

Besides the creation of logos and digital marketing, graphic designers’ main job is to communicate ideas or concepts to the customer, and that can be done through the creation of visual concepts either by hand or with computer software.

graphic designers

Graphic designer’s designs can be used in so many forms including brochures, reports, magazines, and advertisements. They also create visual elements like images, illustrations, and logos; select and design images, colors, and typefaces; and create images to sell ideas or products.

The work of graphic designers is used in all types of media, but it is most commonly found on websites. Whether it’s an online game or digital advertisement, the finished product was probably done by a graphic designer.

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What Are The Types Of Graphic Design?  

The 6 Main Types Of Graphic Design

As we mentioned before, the main purpose of any graphic design is to communicate a message from the business to the customer. The main job of the graphic designer is to marry creativity and strategy in order to effectively communicate with the world around them (that is why good communication skills are just as much part of a designer’s repertoire as originality is).

Design is more than a stunning website or a stunning business card, it is everything from physical to digital to everywhere in between. 

These are just smaller elements of larger categories. To fully understand the world of graphic design, we must break it down into 11 Main Types Of Graphic Design: 

1- Branding/Visual Identity

Every brand even small business or large corporation has its own voice, and that vice is visually translated by the graphic designer. 

They work with the client to develop a visual representation of their identity ( AKA: Brand), according to, graphic designers use bright colors, shapes, and images to bring that voice to the brand and the identity. 

2- Advertising & Marketing Design

Marketing campaigns are everywhere now! We can see them on television, online, in newspapers, and even when we scroll down through Facebook or any other social media platform, whatever it is, graphic designers are the people behind the concept of these projects. 

3- Digital Design/ Online Design 

Digital design or online design refers mainly to any design that is meant to be seen through a screen. 

These designs may inculde  UI (user interface found on websites, games and apps) to 3D modeling. As you know, the world is only becoming more digitized, which means this is a field that will continue to expand as consumers become more reliant on screen time. 

4- Editorial/Publishing

Editorial design is one of the most common types of graphic design. In Editorial design, it deals with publications such as books and magazines.

5- Packaging

Packaging design is one of the most visible and invisible aspects of any product’s design. Packaging design has a huge impact on the product’s viability in the market. 

6- Lettering/Typeface Design

If you have ever dipped your foot into the planner and bullet journaling community, you have been introduced to the art of lettering. Typeface design requires a working knowledge of typography, which, at its basis, is the science of lettering. 

At last but not at least, there are several types of graphic design and there are many graphic design fields, and if you are looking for a creative graphic design for your brand, whether it is a small business or a huge corporation, you can find whatever you are looking for at Integrity Corporation. 

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The 11 Main Types Of Graphic Design