The Untold Secrets To Choose Between Advertising Agencies

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Restoring and Maintaining the relationship between business and advertising agencies are always gaming, its benefits are always recommended to approach client-agency relationships.

7 Secrets to help you how to choose the best advertising agencies 

The advertising world has been changed dramatically thanks to the advanced technology of new digital methods related to the field.

Hundreds, and even thousands, of different marketing agencies, exist, from small startups to enormous firms. A few years ago marketing, digital marketing, social media and online advertising were all unknown terms, but now they are widely known and crucial considerations when it comes to digital marketing. 

Although, new, creative and advertising ideas are the main reason and the base foundation of any creative work, there are some other factors that play a vital role in forming the relationship between businesses and advertising agencies. 

We know how the selection of an advertising agency is not a very pleasant or an easy task; it can be overwhelming, as you have to put some considerations when selecting between advertising agencies.

There are a lot of advertising agencies especially here in Egypt, you can know how to choose between Digital Marketing Agencies in Egypt through that blog, but in this article, we will tell you the untold secrets that you should consider when it comes to choosing the best advertising agency for your brand, here are some of tips and tricks you should know to help you to make a better decision when selecting a new advertising agency.

Whether you have a small or a big business your inhouse advertising team already has alt on his plate, that is when you begin to have a partnership with an outsource advertising agency, but you need to to have a strategy when choosing your partner advertising agency: 

Secret #1 Know Your Partner’s Culture 

One of the most important tips that are usually overlooked is knowing the culture and the environment of the advertising company that you are going to work with. 

Hire advertising agencies that are cooperating, enterprising, and innovative, try to avoid collaborating with advertising agencies that will only suck your pocket money. 

How to know the culture of the advertising company? 

It’s easy, try to spend time at their office. Advertising agencies’ office will reflect their culture, it will tell you more about them, especially if you tried to get to know the employees and have a chat with them. The mark of a good advertising agency is often found in the joy and energy in its hallways. 

Secret #2 Talent Always Wins

Advertising agencies that are not afraid of new ideas, meet all the cultural diversity, and can express themselves can create better marketing campaigns for your business. 

You can easily find out how talented the advertising company you’re choosing by knowing the kind of people they hire if they are ambitious or just going with the flow or even how do they get inspired? 

You can also know that by knowing how they promote and motivate their employees and if the work environment is inspirational enough or not. 

Secret #3 Make A Short List 

We know it can be stressful choosing among different advertising companies, but considering 50, 30 or even 15 advertising agencies is not helping you. If your list is not short and focused there is a lot of work that should be done. If you think that you can’t make a shortlist, you can ask your marketing consultants for their advice. 

Secret #4 Knowledge is Better Than RFP 

Some businesses depend on RFP ( Request For Proposal) to know why advertising agencies are interested in working with them. Although that RFP is highly recommended to know more about the advertising company you are collaborating with, it is better to collect knowledge than collecting RFP. 

You can collect data to know more about the advertising company, what they are passionate about, what are the ups and downs they faced along with their careers, how they learned from their failures. 

Even though RFP is important and it says a lot about the advertising company and how they see things, it is not only the best option, collecting data is. 

Secret #5 Location Is Not A Problem 

Don’t strict your research when it comes to choosing advertising agencies. Location is no longer a problem you can communicate perfectly even if your advertising agency is a world apart, technology has done a great job in that problem specifically, zoom calls, Fedx, and more can make distances vanish.

Secret #6 Brand Name Is Not The Only Perspective 

One of the mistakes a lot of businesses fall into is choosing an advertising agency based only on its brand name. The Agency brand name is important but it is not the only perspective that you should look for into. The core values f the agency is more important, the people who are working in that agency. In the long run, people’s dedication and passion are what is going to make your business successful.

Secret #7 Hire A Future, Not A History 

Don’t just hire an agency based on its history, know its future and its vision. It is important to know how they see themselves in the future, how they think about the market now and in the near future, hire an adverting agency that has the right perspective. 

Setting expectations with the future adverting company can be a double-edged weapon, as your relationship with the advertising agency can fail if your expectations are not satisfied, but it also can be beneficial if you know what to expect exactly from this collaboration. 

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