How To Measure Instagram Follower Growth?

Instagram Growth

How To Measure Instagram Follower Growth? Quick and Easy Tips To Measure Your Instagram Follower Growth. 

One of the keys to the success of your business online is measuring Instagram followers’ growth. 

In this blog article, we’ll explain to you how to track Instagram follower growth over time and how your business can benefit from using analytics tools for Instagram. But before diving into the deep technical terms, let’s first know What is Instagram follower growth rate? 

Instagram Follower Growth Rate

It is crystal clear, that growing a business online from scratch, epically on Instagram, can be a tough task. 

However, hard work pays off, if you make the effort to develop a good strategy and produce appealing content, you will definitely start to see some movement on your business profile.

Even if you are new to the market, or you have been here long enough, sooner or later you will discover that just staying active is not enough to grow your results effectively.

Keeping an eye on your development is the key to the success of your business online, and on Instagram to be specific, and one of the most obvious strategies that you can follow is measuring your profile’s performance, drawing conclusions, and making adjustments to your strategy.

And that is called Instagram Follower Growth Rate, it rate indicates how fast your follower base grows and may have a positive or negative value, depending on the new follows vs. unfollows ratio.

How Can You Calculate Instagram Follower Growth Rate?  

To calculate the Instagram Followers growth Rate, you can follow a simple yet essentials process, and that process is consists of 2 main questions and these questions are: 

  • What Is the number of followers at the beginning of the chosen time period? 
  • What is the number of new followers gained throughout the analyzed period? 

After determining the number of the followers through the specified period of time you can use the following equation: 

Why Is Instagram Follower Growth An Important Metric To Track?

Even though that measuring Instagram Follower Growth is one of the most important metrics to measure the success or the failure f your business, still a lot of marketers oversee that step, and they usually give huge care for producing new content all the time. 

While, on the other hand, Instagram follower growth rate tells you if your content is reaching new people and grabbing their attention.

Why Is Instagram Follower Growth An Important Metric To Track?

Looking into your fan base statistics, and giving your Instagram follower growth rate will definitely help you have insights on your account, whether it is a business account or a personal account, and these are some of the insights that Instagram Follower Growth will provide you with: 

  • Instagram Follower Growth will help you assess your content strategy 
  • Instagram Follower Growth will give you some inspiration about adjustments to your communications. 
  • Instagram Follower Growth will help you see  if your business is growing at a satisfactory rate 
  • Instagram Follower Growth will add another dimension to your competitive analysis.

Measuring Instagram Follower Growth Tools

 After knowing how much measure your Instagram Follower Growth is important for your business growth, it is now time to know you can measure that growth rate correctly. 

Instagram Insight 

One of the easiest tools, yet very effective one is Instagram Insight. The Instagram application provides a built-in tool that helps you get all the analytics that you are looking for to measure your Instagram Follower Growth. Instagram Insights is available for all Instagram accounts that are connected to a Facebook Page.

How Does Instagram Insight Tool Help Me Measure Instagram Follower Growth? 

Even though that the  Instagram Insight Tool is one of the simplest insight tools, yet it is very organized. 

Instagram’s free tool organizes data into three categories that you can access inside the Overview tab, these 3 Categories are: 

  • Accounts Reached (Reach tab)
  • Content Interactions (Interactions tab)
  • Total Followers (Audience tab)

What Are The Pros & The Cons Of the Instagram Insight Tool? 

Because Instagram Insight is a free tool, you might hear a lot of different reviews from marketers in the digital marketing world. 

The free Instagram tool for analytics is for sure a handy feature. Although, one might argue that it is pretty basic and doesn’t offer any sophisticated functionalities.

The following few lines will explain the Pros and Cons of Instagram Insight toll when it comes to measuring Instagram Follower Growth

Pros Of Instagram Insight  


  • Instagram Insight is built into the Instagram app, which means that it is an easy access tool. 
  • Instagram Insight tool is completely free of charge.
  • Instagram Insight tool is an ideal tool for beginners and is a good way to start as it covers the basic metrics. 
  • Instagram Insight tool helps you track the results of your everyday activities. 

Cons Of Instagram Insight:


  • Instagram Insight is difficult when it comes to establishing a broader view of your metrics
  • Most charts on Instagram Insight aggregate data only from the past 7, 14, or 30 days
  • You can track Instagram follower growth but only for your own account, with no comparison between your competitors. 
  • Instagram Insight doesn’t help you track your business across other platforms.
  • Analysis on Instagram Insight has to be performed manually.

In conclusion, and to sum all of that up,  getting your analytics right, and measuring your social media growth rate, and Instagram growth rate is just as important as putting in the effort to produce quality content. 

Keeping track of your follower growth and other metrics is essential to managing your Instagram profiles, make educated future projections and maintain good results, and keep your business running. 

If you’re just starting your business adventure with Instagram, get to know the native tool first, like the Instagram Insight tool. Once you get comfortable with different metrics, don’t be afraid to try some third-party solutions. In the meantime, if you are looking for free marketing consultation, or looking for a digital marketing agency to handle all of your social media platforms, don’t hesitate to contact us on Integrity Corporation from here.

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