Important Things You Need to Know About Web Design and Social Media Design

web design and social media

What is Web Design?

Web design is always referred to as the displayed design of the website on the internet, it is also related to user experience aspects of the website development and design, not software development. 

Before the mid-2010s, website design was only focused on designing websites for desktops browsers, but after that, the term “web designing”  was more general and mobile and tablet browsers were included in and it has become ever-increasingly important.

Who Designs the Website? 

The web is designed by the web designer, who is responsible for the appearance, layout and content of the website, The appearance of the website is related to, the colors, font, and images. The layout of the website refers to how information is structured and categorized. 

Content of the website is the words that are displayed within the website. Creating the content is not usually a task for the web designer, in most cases content is created by “Content writer”.

Web designer Skills: 

Getting started designing websites is easier than you might imagine, first of all, a web designer should be creative problem-solver, so if you are a creative one this job is just for you.

And here is a list of the skills that a good web designer must have or gain by practice.

Visual Design

As obvious as it may sound, a web designer must learn visual design that focuses on digital products. 

Visual design will help the web designer to dig more into creating boards and experimenting with web fonts and colour palettes.

User experience (UX)

Its stands for User experience, and it is the web designer’s job to know how potential customers will feel when they visit the website for the first time, and that can be done through the database from customers persona that is used also used for social marketing campaigns for your products or brand. 

And there are other skills like HTML, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript. 

How to know that your website is “well designed”?

There are different and so many ways to know if your website, or your competitors’ website, is well designed. 

For instance, a well-designed website is easy to use and suits the user/ customer, Besides, a well-designed website is known of webpages that are focused on simplicity with no extra information or functionality that might distract or confuse users. 

The most critical consideration for any web designer who wants his website to attract as many as the targeted audience is removing as many potential points of user frustration as possible. 

The second most critical task for a web designer is designing websites that can work easily on both desktops and mobile devices, and to do so there are 2 types of website design, responsive and adaptive design. 

Responsive Design

The content in responsive design moves dynamically, depending on the size of the screen you are using. 

Adaptive Design

The website content in the adaptive design is fixed in layouts that match common screen sizes. 

Why is website design important?

Your website is the first place your targeted customer will visit, and first impressions really matter.

If you don’t have a strong web presence, you are holding back the results of your digital marketing campaigns for your brand. 

You can get the right first impression from your customers by getting your website designed right.

What is Social Media Design? 

There is nothing re attractive than a good visual image, customers spend most of their times surfing social media platforms on their computers and mobile devices, and social media graphics play an important role in building awareness and recognition as well as attracting the customers’ attention, that is why social media design is critical. 

Social Media Design

Social media design is visual content used in digital marketing, through your social media platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, social media design is an important element for your brand. 

How Important is Social Media Design for your brand?  

It is a known fact that customers respond better to digital marketing campaigns that include visually graphic images.

Social media design includes your company and brand logo as it plays a big role in how your product and service is perceived. Your logo attracts your potential customer as well as it helps to strengthen your brand and building trust with your customers, that will eventually share your posts and widen your reach and increase your sells. 

Benefits of Social Media Design 

As mentioned above, social media design plays a vital role in your online presence as it:

  1. Create Brand recognition.
  2. Build Brand Awareness.
  3. Attract customer’s attention.

How To Create The Perfect Social Media Design? 

In the following list, some tips that will help you to have the best design on your social media marketing campaigns

1- High-Quality Images 

Images on your social media is a reflection to your brand, o investing in high quality, original images will grab your customers’ attention, as well as it will boost your brand’s credibility ad professionalism. 

2- Variety of Visual Content

Images, Videos and Infographics are all different ways you can use i your design through your social media, but you can also use Quote graphics that help your fans to connect with the message of your brand not only the products. 

Storytelling is proved to be one of the most attracting strategies you can use through your social media campaigns, customers like to listen to stories, also it is one of the most compelling ways to build a relationship with your audience through your brand. 

3- Choose The Right Fonts and Colors 

Choosing one font, and one colour palette is a way to ensure consistency and build familiarity with your customers. 

Make sure to choose a font and colour that reflect your brand’s personality.


Website design and social media design are important steps in your marketing strategy, make sure to stand out through that step and you will find the results are impressing. 

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