Tips and Steps To Facebook Marketing For Your Brand

Tips and Steps To Facebook Marketing

With nearly every potential customers online, each and every business should be using Facebook marketing. Facebook is considered to be one of the biggest social networks in the world with 2.27 billion active users around the world. Spending your time leaning and studying all about Facebook marketing is worth it. 

Facebook Marketing is as important as having a business website, and it is much easier to create. Whether you represent a big brand or a small business having a presence on Facebook is useful for your business, so in this article, we will discuss the meaning of Facebook marketing and why it is very important, as well as some hidden Facebook marketing tools that will help you have a strong and powerful Facebook marketing strategy. 

What is Facebook Marketing? 

Marketing on Facebook refers to creating and actively using Facebook pages as a communication channel to stay in contact with current customers and attract potential ones. 

One of the best features for Facebook is that it provides users and business owners to have a business page so that they can create a fan base for their product, service or brand. 

Using Facebook  for marketing is mainly used by every business owner like : 


Food, electronics, home goods, and any kind of brand that wants to promote their product or services through Facebook. 

Local businesses:

Large Companies, or family businesses can use a Facebook page to turn local customers into a fan base that more commonly visits their store.

Public figures:

How to Create a Facebook Public Figure Page and Why You Should ...

Musicians, celebrities, and authors or anybody who makes their money through being known wants to be known by as many people as they can on Facebook.

Why Facebook Marketing Is Important? 

Before going into Facebook marketing strategy details, let’s answer a very important question, “ is your targeted audience on Facebook?”  The answer is, definitely yes.

According to the most recent reaches show that almost every human around the world at any age uses at least one social network site, And when it comes to which network people use, Facebook dominates the list

In other words, no matter what age group you’re targeting, Using Facebook for marketing will be more than enough for your branding and marketing strategy.

Since using Facebook for marketing is very important for your business here is how you can have an effective Facebook marketing strategy to attract as many customers as you want. 

Tips and Steps To Facebook Marketing

How can your Facebook marketing strategy be more effective, here are some tips to have an effective and powerful Facebook marketing strategy as well as some hidden Facebook marketing tools:  

Time To Post On Facebook 

One of the most effective Facebook marketing tools to run a successful Facebook marketing stagey is to know when to post on your page. For most of the brands and company pages, posting in the morning can attract more customers than posting in the afternoon.

To know when is the perfect time to post your next post, you should have buyer persona to know who are your targeted customers, as consumers at home may check Facebook anytime during the day while working consumer commonly check your Facebook before and after.


One of the most important sides of Facebook marketing is the consistency of communication. Creating Facebook page and then leave it alone will not be in your business favour. 

You should post regularly new and useful content in different formats, but make sure not to spam your customers feed news otherwise they will, unlike your page.

To avoid losing your customer and having them unlike and unfollow  your page on Facebook, here how to set up a perfect Facebook page: 

How Create The Perfect Facebook Page?

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t use their Facebook page fully and they use them poorly and hurt their credibility.

The following tips will help you avoid those mistakes and will help you have the perfect Facebook page. 

1- Profile photo and cover image

Your profile page photo should be your logo, the cover photo is another different story, you can really put what you want up there, for example, some brands and companies use their employees’ photos, or a fancy artwork or even contact information in the cover image. Just make sure to choose a photo that will draw the eyes of your visitors. 

2- “About” section

The “about” section is placed below your company profile picture, your logo. The about section is your chance to tell the potential customer more but your brand, service, or your product. Keep it simple and shot don’t try to fit everything in. Basics are enough.

You can include your highlights and contact info as well as location and hours. 


3-  Posts on your timeline

As mention before, to avoid losing your fan base make sure to post useful posts on your page and don’t post endless updates about the same thing, spamming your fans’ timeline is not the best way to attract their attention. Using a variety format of posts will appeal to your audience, you can post-high quality videos, images on your Facebook page. 

What should post on your page, here are some ideas: 

  • Offers and Coupon codes. 
  • Links to your Blog Website. 
  • Sharing links to your articles related to your company.
  • Announcements of New Product. 
  • Online tools that your fans might find it useful. 

4- Statistics And Results

You can analyses each and every post on your Facebook page through Facebook Insights, you can see what was trending among your fan and what is not. 

What do they do? 

Social media marketing is a huge field, in which there  are too many tasks, and those tasks are dived among different people and in the following you will know what do each one does exactly: 

Internet Marketing Manager

Internet Marketing manager promotes for companies engagement through social media platforms including Facebook, as well as coordinating online marketing campaigns through Facebook and website. 

Advertising and Promotional Manager 

Advertising manager develops promotional content and video that are posted to the website and Facebook page, besides creating advertising slogans to represent the product and the brand.

Public Relations Manager 

Public relations manager deals with the press. Writes short forms to press releases to post on Facebook page. Identifying the feedback towards the company and crafting a message to respond. 

Using Facebook for marketing is not only just powerful—it’s flexible. No matter what type of business you run, Facebook marketing tools has enough different marketing options that you can tailor your marketing efforts to fit your company, your budget, and your time constraints. If Facebook is not your current main marketing channel it should be.